In the event of phishing and hacking attacks recently, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not give your OTP code to anyone: We will never require your OTP code for any reason. If anyone asks for your OTP code impersonating GOPAX.CO.ID employee or other related organizations, do not respond and contact our Helpdesk immediately
  • Reset your password regularly: Reset your password every 3 months. Always use a unique password that you have never used in other websites. Also, do not tell anyone your password. We will never require your password for any reason.
  • Do not deposit digital assets to anyone claiming to be us: If anyone claiming to be us on websites (Twitter, Telegram, etc.) or phone calls asks for deposits to specific addresses, do not respond to them. We will never ask for deposits. Please submit a ticket directly to our Helpdesk if anyone should do so
  • Check log in history: If anyone attempts to access to your account, please check log in history. Click [Account], then click [Login History]. If you notice anything suspicious, please submit a ticket directly to our Helpdesk by giving the title of ticket "Account Breach / Fraud".