Stellar Lumens, Mobius, Steem Dollar and select digital assets require you to insert your Memo ID in addition to your wallet address. Transactions will not go through if you fail to enter your Memo ID

If you forget or fail to insert your Memo ID, please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk. When submitting your ticket, please give the title of ticket with "Forget the Memo ID" and provide the information below. Our response may be delayed if you select a different ticket type, or the information you provided isn't accurate

Please note that it may take a while for us to process your request (maximum 2-3 weeks).

Please provide the information below for us to verify your transaction:

  • Email address
  • Name of the digital asset and the transaction amount
  • Txid
  • Memo ID
  • A video of the deposit screen:

The video should show you log in to the exchange you sent the digital assets from and navigating to the deposit screen, showing the actual transaction details (including digital asset type, transaction amount, TxID, time of transaction)