After making a transaction from our website to other exchanges/wallets, you may check the transaction status and the corresponding TxID on [History] page. If you haven't received your funds even though the transaction status shows as 'complete', it means we have transferred digital assets successfully to the blockchain network, and the blockchain network is transferring the digital assets to the destination address.

Transactions may be delayed if the blockchain network is congested with many transactions. In this case, you can check the transaction progress and confirmations on blockchain network using TxID.

Transactions will be completed after a set number of confirmations are made. As the number of "confirmations" before a transaction is verified may differ for each blockchain and wallet, please contact the administrator of the destination address for more details.
Please refer to the table below for blockchain websites of each digital asset.

You can search and check transaction status and confirmations using TxIDs.

<Example: How do I check the transaction status and confirmations on the Ethereum blockchain?>

  • If you have sent digital assets to us from another exchange, please check TxID from the exchange you are sending from.
  • Visit the Ethereum blockchain website ( and search by TxID
  • Check confirmations and transaction status. Transactions will be verified and deposited to your address in our website after all confirmations are made